Hey all. Do you have some weights that are just collecting dust? Have you wanted to put on some serious muscle or tone up? I want to invite you to an exclusive Challenge. The Body Beast Challenge that I will be hosting and participating in. This will begin Monday September 8th 2014 and will last 90 days. I am looking for as many men and women to join me. Right now is the time to get the program as it is greatly reduced in price. Here is what I would like you to do. Contact me on Facebook, Email, or phone (608-206-4312) to get signed up and get connected to the Body Beast program. If you wan to know specific package pricing take a look HERE

This program will help you shed fat and build muscle through dynamic set training. I can personally speak for this program as I have completed 1.5 rounds before I had to stop due to an injury I brought on myself. Now I am ready to get back to it and want to have as many people along for the ride with me. 

I want the women to understand, this program will not make you bulky or big. It is just not in your genetic makeup, however this will really bring out the muscle tone. You guys, if you stick with it and follow the program and my instruction you will be amazed on how much muscle you can build in 90 days and I also want to bring it up, YOU GET TO EAT, A LOT :)     

So do not delay and sign up with me right away so we can start to prepare for the Sept 8th Challenge and have some fun!      


01/20/2017 10:55am

This is the big help for the body builders who wants some tricks regarding body nourishment thanks and do share more stuff like this thanks..


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