Hi everyone, hope you're having a wonderful summer! I have been traveling a lot with friends and family and am really enjoying my summer.  I wanted to share with everyone my GREAT results from doing the 3-Day Refresh. We got back from Team Beachbody Coach Summit  in Las Vegas, NV and was so ready to clean out the system. Yes I indulged a bit while I was there. Hard not to and then again there isn't anything wrong with a little slipping, it brings you back down to earth sometimes. My starting weight was 204.7 lbs and I felt bogged down. Well let me tell you, 3 days later my weight was 197 lbs!!! YEP 7.7 LBS LOST!! The thing I loved about this was the Vanilla Fresh Shakes and meals, they were all really good, I wasn't hungry at all. Here are a few pictures of the 3 dinners I had. 
These recipes all come with the Refresh plus more:)  I highly recommend this to everyone. You will have more energy and feel great after the 3 days!! It is a great kick start to a new program or a reminder on how to fuel your body properly. Below are more details about the Refresh. 
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Lose weight and kick-start healthier eating habits in just 3 days with the 3-Day Refresh. This program is designed to fast track your weight loss by detoxifying and cleansing your system while helping you break bad eating habits. In just 3 days you'll feel lighter and healthier, without starving.‡

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Okkk.. well that sounds something really easy to deal with but my question is that what is the guarantee of results and what will be the surety of no side effects..


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