On saturday I went and watched a friend do his first 5K. I have been with him since he started his journey and from where he started a little over a year ago to where he is today is so inspiring you cannot help but feed off his spirit. 
Today as I sat in a puddle of sweat after my morning workout. I started to get the ole brain firing in deep thought. Scary right? The subject that popped in my head is why do I do the things I do. I am tired at 5am in the morning, why the hell am I getting up to do a workout and telling myself I will come home this afternoon and do another? So the word Motivation came to head. What is Motivation really and what does it mean to you personally?

The scientific definition:"Motivation is defined as the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. Motivation is what causes us to act, whether it is getting a glass of water to reduce thirst or reading a book to gain knowledge.

It involves the biological, emotional, social and cognitive forces that activate behavior. In everyday usage, the term motivation is frequently used to describe why a person does something."

So what does that mean to you? To me it means I am doing what I do because deep down it makes me feel good mentally and physically while always moving forward towards my goal(s). Pretty simple right? Not necessarily. It is part complicated and part simple. The simple part is the result the feeling. The complicated part is finding your motivation. What drives you? I am a firm believer that nobody can motivate you, it is not possible to motivate people. What I do believe is you can "Inspire" people to find their motivation. So while we are all here for motivation it is your self motivation you are seeking, not someone motivating you. We are all here to inspire you to find your motivation for whatever reasons drive you as what self motivates me may not self motivate you.

Just food for thought. Have a great and successful Monday!
Flashback Friday!! I love looking back on where we have come from. It gives us insight just how far we have come. Shanna and I have worked hard and I am so proud of where we are today after 2 years
As we remember the fallen and brave souls of 9/11. We also reflect on where we were, What were we doing, How did we feel. I remember vividly that I was at work and I was only in the first week. I was grinding away when things started to get loud and chatter began on what was happening. Very confusing at first but then facts started to come in and the harsh reality of what was going on set it. I remember first being confused which turned into fear, I admit I was terrified but my fear transformed into anger and remorse. Here I was trying to earn a living and do my job while this was going on. That was hard to swallow. I remember and I will never forget!!

As I reflect on this I can not help myself but reflect on other things in my life. What is important to me, how have I changed over the years and one thing popped right away and it was my health, not fitness just health. Flash back 2 years ago, I had high cholesterol (252) and my triglycerides were 267. I do not have a genetic history of high cholesterol, this was all my doing. I also had very high blood pressure numbers at 145/105 consistently. I was then told I needed to go on medication. The word I hate, I am not into being medicated. I admit it is a control issue with me. So it was either that or I make the decision and overcome my fear of change and comfort. I am a routine driven person so this was terrifying to me to actually have to change things that gave me comfort. Food was a great comfort to me, beer was a great comfort to me. Things I knew deep down were not "right" for me but kept ignoring.

So I began the process of learning how to change, what a terrifying concept but I knew it was necessary. I changed the way I ate, cut out my comforts, not overnight mind you. It took me awhile to "let go" but let go I eventually did. But I was still missing something. While I felt good I didn't feel great and I wanted to feel great. So in a conversation with my Beachbody Coach he suggested Shakeology and we began a long several week conversation. It was all about me learning about it and deciding if I can stop being such a skeptic. Well his perseverance and professionalism paid off for me. I got some samples from him and gave it a 5 day test run. I look back and I was blown away. I found that great feeling I was looking for but after 5 days? Yes, I was now filling in the gaps I was missing which were nutrients my body craved and needed. I felt whole livelier. 

So then we came to the conversation about the cost. Ok here we go, money money money. I am pretty good with money and budgeting and I didn't see how I could pay Shakeology. I could not see the value in it. At that time the word value had only a definition of dollar signs behind it. I mean I would haggle and try to work a deal at Walmart. Trust me it is true. But I decided to make some budget changes and get this into my daily regiment. It was tough I can tell you that and I had to make a couple sacrifices on things I loved doing but didn't need. "Ok give me my Shakeology now and let's get rolling".

Fast forward a couple months, hot in my routine of a shake a day and workout program. I felt unstoppable but now it was time for the doctor again on a routine visit. Lipids test again, BP all that jazz. Not something I was looking forward to as I had no clue what to expect. Test results came in. Cholesterol dropped to 176 with my triglycerides dropping to 147. But the BP was NORMAL!! Are you kidding me? It 6 months without medication? The answer was yes and when I was asked what I had done I explained that I had started a workout routine daily, and Incorporated Shakeology into my diet and gave my doc the information about it. She was impressed with the ingredients which just solidified my trust in Shakeology because it added value to my health. 

I was in the doctor's office last week and saw an entirely different doctor I had never seen before. I went through the weigh in and blah blah all the jazz and BP measurements. My BP was 119 over 78. The doc came in and said he wanted to recheck my BP. This guy had nothing but a chart to go off of with my medical history, he didn't know my story. I said alright and gave him a smirk. Yep Normal...I could only smile and give a chuckle. He asked me how I did that and I went through my journey with him. It is really a good feeling to get a hand shake from a doctor and told well done.

Now here I sit and reflect on a word that was one dimensional to me "Value". I only saw value how much money could I save. Over time I was amazed how that word has transformed for me. Value, while it is still financial to a small degree now I look at it as. Ok how can that benefit me? How can that make me better? How can that change something for the good? How can that help change other people for the good. Now I look at value as something limitless. Everyday we learn something new we are adding value, everyday I drink my Shakeology I am adding value. It is an amazing word to me now. This carried over into most everything in my life on a daily basis like buying a new TV or a home addition/improvement.

Anyway, long winded I know but I wanted to share my thoughts with you all this morning. Take time to reflect on you from time to time as it is a great reminder to yourself where you came from and where you have or may be going. Have a great day and remember to smile!!