April showers brings May flowers and some amazing Beachbody Challenge Packs on sale!

Beachbody has some great challenge pack offers for April 2016! Just in time to get fit for summer too. These Challenge Packs are the ultimate solution to get in shape and get back on track with nutrition.

Challenge packs are the bundled solution for all your fitness needs. You get your fitness program, one month supply of Shakeology, and access to Team Beachbody Club and Beachbody on Demand streaming workouts!

Challenge Packs on Promo for April 2016Starting April 1, you can get the following Beachbody Challenge packs on sale! Get in shape for summer starting now! Let’s do this:

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel and Shakeology Challenge Pack: $160 USD (regularly $180)I love this workout. Master’s Hammer and Chisel is quite the challenge. You can modify if you want to.

Ready to craft a “masterpiece” physique with the right combination of fitness and nutrition? The Master’s Hammer and Chisel and Shakeology Challenge Pack, gives you an innovative resistance-training system designed to help you build a strong, sculpted body along with Shakeology, the ultra-premium nutritional shake that can help you stay healthy and reach your fitness goals even faster.

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel and Performance Challenge Pack: $160 USD (regularly $180)With this Performance Challenge Pack, you’ll also get the pre-workout energy to help you hit your workouts with everything you’ve got and the post-workout support to help your muscles come back stronger and ready for more. You’ll get Performance Energize and Performance Recover!

Club + Shakeology Challenge Pack: $140 USD plus Portion FixThis has to be my favorite! I put away my fitness DVDs over a year ago and use Beachbody On Demand exclusively.

It’s too convenient! The Club and Shakeology Challenge Pack is the first Challenge Pack that gives you 24/7 streaming access to hundreds of workouts, including the chance to tap into Beachbody’s most popular programs, like P90X®, INSANITY®, and 10-Minute Trainer®, from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Take your Beachbody On Demand workouts with you anywhere. Seriously.

Club Kickstart + Shakeology Challenge Pack: $180 USD plus Portion FixThe Club Kickstart and Shakeology gives you streaming access in Beachbody On Demand, 3-Day Refresh Kit to kick-start your weight loss and break the cycle of unhealthy eating, and lose a few pounds fast. AND, your first month supply of Shakeology! I’ve been drinking Shakeology since 2009 and it’s the best!

Club + Performance Challenge Pack: $140 USD plus Portion FixThe Club Performance Challenge Pack gives you streaming access to hundreds of workouts, plus two performance-boosting supplements with key ingredients to help you push harder, increase your energy, improve your endurance, jump-start your recovery, and combat exercise-induced muscle soreness, so you can reach your fitness goals even faster.

You’ll get Performance Energize and Performance Recover.

Ultimate Reset Spring Cleaning Challenge Pack: $275 USD (used to be $305) – Available April 18th, 2016Time for a little Spring Cleaning, eh? Ultimate Reset helps you improve energy, lose weight, and get back on track to better health in 21 days. In just three weeks, the Ultimate Reset and Shakeology Challenge Pack can help you gently cleanse your system, while fueling your body with Your Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition®.

What are you waiting for? Grab your Challenge Pack today!