Today I received my 21 Day Fix kit. I am very happy to have it here. I have looked through the materials, Shanna and I are very excited to bring this into our health and fitness lives. For me the portion control aspect is what I am excited about. That has always been my weakness. I eat pretty healthy, I just have a tendency to eat too fast and too much. Shanna will be starting this in its entirety on April 7th. I will be doing the meal plan portion with my own hybrid of various cardio and Body Beast.

If you are interested in this as well I have new groups that start a couple times a month and I would love to have you join us for wonderful support, accountability, and encouragement. Oh and some fun to boot! Just send me a message at or head on over to my 21 Day Fix page for further information. I am here to help YOU achieve your goals and that is FREE coaching!
Someone asked me the other day why I drink Shakeology and take my daily supplement pills every day, and I told her I don’t like to take supplements in anything other than a pill form.  She looked at me funny and said, but isn't Shakeology a supplement?

Well, I had to really think about that one.  I don’t consider it a supplement.  I consider it a nutrition drink and a way to replace one of my meals per day sometimes 2. Hey, I am a busy dude. Yes, it can replace supplements, it can give you good nutrition for one meal per day, but I don’t think it is a supplement.

Shakeology is a premium superfood shake containing over 70 healthy ingredients, including super-proteins, super-fruits, antioxidants, super-greens, adaptagen herbs,  pre and pro-biotics and digestive enzymes.  Shakeology is currently available in 2 whey based formulas and 2 vegan (non-dairy) formulas.  The 2 whey based formulas are fortified with additional vitamins and minerals, and the 2 vegan versions get 100% of their nutrition from whole food sources.  None of the Shakeology formulas contain soy.

If you want to learn more about getting your nutrition from a delicious drink, please check out the the very in depth details at Wooggy's Shakeology

This is one of my favorite recipes using Shakeology (I drink the chocolate formula!)

If you have any questions about Shakeology, please let me know.  I LOVE this stuff!  I really do drink it every single day!

If you want to try it out, but don’t want to buy a whole bag, and who could blame you, go for the Shakeology Taste Sampler pack – you can try all the different flavors and find your favorite!

Well here I am again. posting my random thoughts. I have been thinking lately of what is a Beachbody Coach (To Me). I bring it up because I get asked quite often what a coach does and what I do. Well there is not quite a short answer for this from me. It is a variety of several factors as to why I became a coach and least of which is to get rich, beyond popular belief. Yes you can make money being a coach by being a distributor of Beachbody products. Great perk and incentive right? Well how about actually helping people? Paying it forward? Being a positive influence in someone's life that needs someone? Those 3 things are my main motivation. Being able to help inspire people to change their life in a healthy way and help them live an active and longer life (statistically speaking) is such a wonderful feeling and very humbling.

Another reason, I believe in the products, if I didn't why be associated with it? That would make no sense. I use Shakeology everyday because it gives me value, value in nutrition, value in time, and value in my pocketbook. Yes I believe it is the best thing you can buy for your nutrition. It has literally saved my life. No more high BP, no more high cholesterol, no more diverticulitis attacks. That is worth the price of admission. Plus the workout programs are top notch, a lot of fun and really work. I get a personal trainer at home for life that I paid for once. Plus I get 25% off all Team Beachbody products? Hell yes!!

I get comments all the time, it is a gimmick, it is a scam, it is a waste of time. Believe what you want. It isn't my job to change your mind or convince you otherwise. That's your opinions. But what I can do is join you on your journey if you decide to have some faith in yourself and try something new, something different. If money is an issue, just kick back and think about how you spend your money now. Do you drink alcohol? Do you have Starbucks often? Do you eat fast food? There are so many things you can look at in your life that do nothing but hurt your both health and finances. Most of the time, I would guess 80% of all no thank yous for money reasons is just an excuse. Most people do not like change or have much belief in anything past their own comfort zone. Fine I get it, I have been there. But unless you take risks and embrace change you will always keep looking back asking what if. There is so much life outside of comfort zones.

People accuse me of being arrogant, cocky, or thinking I am better than most. That my friends is nothing more than confidence in myself. I don't judge you so don't judge me. One thing you can never accuse me of is being dishonest or fake. Don't like my answers then don't comment or ask. I say what I feel, I can be blunt but I respect your feelings. I believe in people, I believe there is more to everyone even if they don't believe it. Nothing is out of reach if you want it and this is no different to changing your life fitness and nutritionally. Being healthy is so much more fun than wishing I was, the hard work is so worth it! Anyone who has (drank the Beachbody Cool aid as people say) will agree with me.

So there ya go, my view of a Beachbody Coach. I love it and have zero regrets and will continue to help for as long as it takes to reverse obesity. So take my view or take thousands of other coaches's views. They are both the same just worded differently :)

If you are interested in joining my team I am available to help get you started, I will help mentor you and show you how to get involved and start helping your family, friends and other who need your help. Just comment here or send me an email at
So sometimes I get these thoughts in my head and they race around in random order. When they become clear to me I write them down. One thing that has become clear to me again is the doubt factor. Others will always doubt you either out of jealousy or spite. We have a tendency to look at their opinions and believe them. I believe it is in our human nature. We value other's opinions for acceptance and validation, it is just the nature of things. What we tend to realize as we become better as people and as we start to take control of our own lives is we value our own opinions of ourselves more. Yes yes we lose sight of that at times I get that, I do it too, maybe more often than I should. But as I get older the lapses become less and less. I always remember a quote my father said me to as a nervous young man. "Douglas, When you are in your 20's you worry what everyone is thinking about you, When you reach your 30's you really could care less what anyone thinks about you, and when you hit your 40's you realize most really don't care about you in the firth place." As I creep to 40 I have to laugh as it is so true. I will probably shock my father that I actually remember things he told me as a stubborn young man.

So this winter has been tough on me. I slipped into a funk, I didn't really want to put in much effort into myself besides the bare minimum. I hit a point about 4 weeks ago where I saw it and asked myself if this is what I wanted for myself, to give average effort, to do just enough to get by. My answer was no I didn't it. I had this little devil on my shoulder telling me it was cool to just hang around and get by. I was doubting myself plain and simple. That little part of you that validates average effort when you know you are something more, it is nothing more than a part of you playing games. So to be blunt I told that little devil, "So you like to play games? Well go play hide and f*ck yourself, I am going after something more, something I had, something I am going to get back."

I started doubles everyday for 6 days 2 weeks ago and adding a few triple days with a 20lb weighed vest for every workout. Why, because I know I can be better than the average me. I have goals and dreams for myself, not just in fitness but in my personal life, career, overall the outlook on things. But I admit, sometimes I set myself up with too much, I just learn from it.

The point of this is simple, If you are reading this, stop letting other people dictate the road you travel and how you should feel about yourself and start looking at your own opinion of yourself. If you do not like where you are, only you have the power to change it, no one is going to do it for you. Dismiss that part of you that doubts you and realize you are as capable as anyone to be more than you are. Believe and achieve!